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Total speed, convenience & mobility are yours. The e-GO! Library is an innovative way “to have & to hold” a fresh and plentiful supply of great titles. It’s the best eBook entertainment without hassles. The e-GO! Library are preloaded, USB memory flash drive that put thousands of today's best books in your pocket!

Jam-pack your Kindle, iPad, Nook, or any device, full of a variety of fiction and non-fiction. At your leisure, pick from your favorite topics, titles and independent authors, from romance and sci-fi to murder mysteries or finance and fitness to biographies and business.

  • Today's Top 1,000 Independently Published Books
  • Bonus - 250 Classic titles
  • Extra Bonus – 25 Audiobooks
  • Unique Content / Talented Independent Authors
  • Preloaded 8GB USB Flash Drive
  • Formats for ALL eReaders, Tablets & Mobile Devices
  • No Need For WiFi / Internet
  • Saves Countless Hours Of Downloading
  • Terrific For Travel
  • Perfect Gift
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e-GO! AUDIO LibraryListen
& Anywhere

Every Book Lover's dream: 550 Classic titles in AudioBook!

The e-GO! Audio Library features nearly 2,000 hours worth of listening pleasure! So if you love to read, but it’s not always convenient you'll love these audiobooks. Whether you’re in the car, cooking dinner, working out, at the beach or camping, Audiobooks are terrific entertainment.

This 32GB flash drive is pre-loaded with these incredible, fun classics. Each title is offered in the Mp3 format, so you can listen from your smartphone, iPod, Walkman or any other listening device. And while typical Audiobook often cost around $20 per title, these are under 20 cents. That's a lot fun and entertainment for pennies!

Plus with nearly 100 titles suitable for kids, it's perfect for all ages!

  • 550 Beloved Classics in AudioBook
  • Fiction, Non-Fiction and Kids Books Too!
  • Your personal Preloaded 32GB USB Flash Drive
  • Convenient mp3 Format: Compatible with ALL devices
  • Saves DAYS of Downloading
  • No internet or WiFi Required
  • Professional English (and some American) Narrators
  • High quality sound!
  • Incredible Value: seemingly Endless Entertainment
  • Perfect for Travel or on the GO!
  • Terrific Gift

e-GO! KIDS LibraryFun For All Ages
Listen or Read
Your Favorites!

Finally, an incredible way for children of all ages to be entertained while encouraging the love of reading. Announcing the all-new e-GO! KIDS Library. It's jam-packed with timeless stories like Alice in Wonderland, The 3 Musketeers and Treasure Island. Classics anyone can love again and for parents & grandparents to share alongside the children.

Whether it be on the road, on a holiday, or simply at bedtime, this collection provides endless fun and entertainment. All in the palm of your hand, anytime and anywhere. Consider it a perfect alternative to TV, Video Games or the internet. AudioBooks are a won

  • 125 Classic Kids AudioBooks
  • 75 BONUS Classic Children's eBooks
  • Days SAVED from Downloading
  • No internet or WiFi Required
  • Incredible Value at Pennies per Title
  • Perfect for Travel & Commuting
  • Terrific Gift for Any Child
  • Great Fun for ALL Ages!
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e-GO! Library EspañolLectura
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y en español

Padre e hija leen juntos

La velocidad, comodidad y movilidad son suyas. El e-GO! Library Español es una forma innovadora para tener y mantener un suministro fresco y abundante de grandes títulos. Es el mejor entretenimiento y fácil de obtener. El e-GO! Library Español es una unidad flash de memoria USB que pone a miles de los mejores libros de la actualidad su bolsillo!

Cargue su Kindle, iPad, Nook, o cualquier dispositivo con una variedad de ficción y no ficción. En su tiempo libre, elija entre sus temas, títulos y autores independientes favoritos y categorías como: romance, ciencia ficción, misterios, finanzas, biografías, negocios y muchos más.

Explore todos los títulos aquí
  • 1,000 libros indpendientes más populares
  • Bono - 250 títulos clásicos
  • Contenido único / Autores independientes talentosos
  • Llave USB de 4GB Precargada
  • Sirve con TODOS los lectores y dispositivos
  • No Requiere WiFi / Internet
  • Ahorra innumerables horas de Descargas
  • Ideal para viajar
  • El Regalo Perfecto
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The "Indie"
Is here!

What are independently published authors?

The e-GO! Library invites you to escape boring reading. Dare to get ‘Real & Raw!’ If you're tired of the typical vanilla served up by the “Big 4” publishers in New York, free your mind! Rise up to read anytime, anywhere and join the READING REBELLION with the Best 1,000 Indie Talents today!

Think of "Indie" (short for Independent) books as you would the Indie Film industry. While the movie business has a few major studios (MGM, SONY, etc) so does the publishing Industry (Penguin, Simon & Schuster, etc).

However many great movies are produced independently (outside these major studios), just like many great books are published outside the big publishers.

Today people love to see/read what's new. What's is yet to become mainstream. To discover the undiscovered before the crowds! So lose yourself in adventure, fantasy or controversy. And find the Best Sellers of tomorrow – today with your e-GO! Library.

These Top 1,000 Indie Books were determined by 5 million avid readers and their selections from tens of thousands of available titles so you can be assured of quality & personal enjoyment.

They span over 32 categories so there's plenty for everyone. Rather than spend another 10 minutes meaninglessly flipping through Social Media, steal a moment with a great book.  Read a few pages from that classic fiction novel you've rediscovered, browse something tasty in a recipe book, or learn about a new children's tale to excite and enthrall your kids!

The E-GO!

The e-GO! Library features a whopping 1,000 of the most popular independently published eBooks today, plus an extra bonus of 250 Classics. This 8GB flash drive is pre-loaded with all these amazing books. Each title is offered in 3 formats: PDF, ePUB and Kindle so you can read on any device whether it's an iPad, a Kindle, your computer an Android phone; any device.

with All

The e-GO! Library is pre-loaded with 1,250 amazing books in 3 formats each: PDF, ePUB and Kindle so you can read on any device whether it's an Android device, an iPad, a Kindle, Nook, Kobo, your computer or more. Whichever device you use now, or will ever change/upgrade to is covered!

The e-GO! Audio Library's 550 Classic Audiobooks are provided in the MP3 format which is the standard for all listening devices such as iPods, Walkmans, Sandisk and more.


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