What are the titles and authors contained in the e-GO! Library?

e-GO! Library - Click here to see all 1,000 Indie Tiles + 250 Bonus Classics
e-GO! Audio Library - Click here to see all 550 Classic Audiobooks included
e-GO! Library Español- Click here to see all 1,000 Spanish Indie titles + 250 Classics

How were the Top 1,000 selected?

The “Top 1,000” were the most downloaded by 5 million avid readers within tens of thousands of available titles so you can be assured of quality & personal enjoyment

What are 'Indie' Authors

The word Indie means Independent. Indie Authors are those that chose not to publish through the big, main traditional publishers. Reasons vary from author to author.

Will e-GO! Library work with my eReader? What formats are available?

e-GO! Library has 1,250 books on a USB drive, each in 3 file formats – PDF, Kindle (PRC) and EPUB. Easily load up your Kindle, Nook, iPad, laptop, home computer and smartphone too.

My Device (iPad for example) doesn't have a USB port, what do I do?

No Problem! transferring your e-GO! Library to your iPad is easily done in 3 quick steps. First plug the e-GO! Library to your computer and copy its contents to your desktop. Then hookup your iPad to your computer and launch iTunes. Import the Books into iTunes and sync your iPad. We forgot Step 4: unplug and enjoy!

Do you have Tutorials?

Enjoying your e-GO! Library is a breeze. But just in case you need a little assistance we have full range of tutorials available here to help with most computers, mobile devices and eReaders. Plus our helpful support staff is always standing by!

Check out the tutorials here

Can I use the USB Memory Stick for other data?

You can use your e-GO! Library for other data if you’ve already safely uploaded all the books to your computer’s hard drive or to another storage capable device or even the cloud. Beware that if you copy over the e-GO! Library files, or delete them, then you will lose those books and not be able to recover them.

How much is shipping?

FREE! Standard Shipping is FREE On all e-GO! Library models, anywhere in the world!

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All orders are sent from Chicago, USA. Domestic orders usually arrive within 7 business days. International orders usually take 10-15 business days though sometimes there are customs delays which are out of our hands. Please allow 20-25 business days for international orders.

What size (capacity) are the USB flash drives?

e-GO! Library – 8GB
e-GO! Audio Library – 32GB
e-GO! Library Español- 4GB

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