Customer Reviews

I was a little skeptical at first when I applied for the USB, I have found some things on the Net sometime never live up to the advertisement, however this is not one of those occasions. We have only had the chance to read a few books and I must say that most have been a great read. My wife is an avid reader and she has been blown away with the convenience. I was able to download the whole library to our e-reader. It gets to be a bit of a wrestle over it when we both want to read something. We live in a small isolated community with little access to a large library, so this has been revelation. - Russell

It is fantastic, the titles are good and the thing I would have liked is more of a series from one author or a string of books from the same author. The different authors are great and it has given me a taste of different authors and I am now looking at more titles from these authors. Thank you. - Sharon

The extra reading material, free, without going out of the house, especially at Christmas, has been wonderful. It took me a while to figure out how to get to the book list. After that, no problems. Thank you for something different. - Ed

This is truly an impressive collection. I would like to suggest that each ebook type be placed in a separate folder. I think most readers only use one format. I use the Kindle format on my iPad so I must individually select the books to be transferred to my reader. Much more convenient and easier. Thanks for the opportunity to comment. - John

I think that your 'Books on a Stick' concept is a good one. The contents covers a good range, some of which I will never read, some of which I will enjoy immensely and some that fall in between. Overall, I'm pleased with what I have purchased. - Derek

The 1250 titles will likely last me for the rest of my life! I do love to read, but it could be my life’s endeavor, to get through all the titles (I won’t, simply because some will not be of my liking; and, I am 71 years old with many interests infusing my waking hours). Read on!
- Peter

I have been working in Africa and other places for almost two decades, and once in a remote place in Indonesia, I was stuck – without any books. I almost panicked. So with this e-GO library, I’m happy, and it is also very easy to go between the different folders. I can now read on my I-river, All the best, - Greta-Stina

Been sick and your e-go library saved me from being extremely bored! Thanks so much for the extensive selection. You guys made being sick actually enjoyable. Looking forward to many more years of enjoyment. Many, many thanks - Judy

My sister was extremely happy with all the Book's she loved having so much variety and hasn't sat it down since she got it she loves reading I highly recommend this for a gift or for yourself perfect for Christmas & the Price is excellent - Rhonda